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Faculty Development Resources

The faculty development resources section provides ideas on how to use case stories, summaries of archived blogs, examples of dissemination, and tools for evaluating the impact of case stories.

How are Case Stories Used?

Wondering how you can use ELIXR Digital Case Stories in your faculty development efforts?

For use in Face-to Face Faculty Development Workshops:

  • Cases can be previewed prior to a workshop.
  • Facilitator can show a case story to demonstrate a point and/or lead into an exercise. More detailed ideas can be found in the First Day of Class link.
  • Facilitator can have participants get into groups and have each group review a case story and respond  to questions. Cases can serve as examples of a pedagogical approach during a consultation.
  • Links to cases can be provided in workshop materials as a suggested resource.
  • Cases can be used prior to a consultation with a faculty member for preview, during a consultation to demonstrate a strategy in action and share the resource, or after a consultation for review.

Other ideas includes:

  • New faculty can be sent links to key case stories to prepare them for New Faculty Orientation.
  • Cases can be sent to faculty as orientation for new ventures.  For example, an orientation to a Faculty Learning Community could begin by pointing faculty to the case story from Sonoma State University (Ayala, 2007) on this topic.
  • Cases can be integrated into an online workshop.  More detailed ideas can be found in the First Day of Class link. Individual faculty can also access the MERLOT case stories online via a discipline teaching portal. This self-pacing option may be particularly attractive to adjunct and part-time faculty.  Post your own ideas to the Digital Case Stories for Faculty Development article on WikiPODia.


Universal Design for Learning Blog– Access a range of resources related to applying UDL to teaching, learning, and faculty development.

Summary of First Day of Class Blog– Read reflections from faculty developers about how they have integrated First Day of Class stories into a variety of different types of workshops.

Key Presentations

2009 Professional Organizational Development (POD) Network Conference, Houston, Texas

Evaluation Tools

The ELIXR evaluation focuses on the quality and use of the case stories, and the outcomes and impact of the use of case stories in faculty development.

The outcomes and impact of the case stories in faculty development focuses on three dimensions:

  • participation in workshops, seminars and so forth,
  • faculty learning and
  • changes in teaching and learning that result from faculty learning.

Although the formal evaluation of the ELIXR project is complete, ELIXR’s evaluation tools can be freely used  when evaluating the outcomes and impacts of the case stories.

Major Publications

Teaching Tips

Find engaging resources on best teaching practices on specific topics.


The MERLOT ELIXR project was recently selected as an Innovation Award finalist by the Professional and Organizational Network in Higher Education. Read more.


Case Stories

See a list of case stories.