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Case Stories

Information Systems

Goals for First Day of Class thumbnail
Title: Goals for First Day of Class

6 discipline-specific stories integrated into one presentation.

Topic > Subtopic: Course Preparation & Design > First Day of Class

Discipline: Architectural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Graphic Communications, Information Systems, Music, and Physics

Institution: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and University of West Georgia

Status: Available - go to to the home page of 6 stories

Small Group Discussion thumbnail
Title: Small Group Discussion

Topic > Subtopic: Understanding & Meeting Students' Needs > Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Discipline:  Information Systems

Institution: San Francisco State University

Status: Available - go to case story

Ethics in Informational Technology thumbnail
Title: Ethics in Informational Technology

Topic > Subtopic: Understanding and Addressing Students' Needs > Academic Integrity

Discipline: Information System

Institution: Ryerson University

Status: Available - go to case story